Moving From Slater to Des Moines

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9

B & W house

Our new (to us) Des Moines house.

 We finally set our move-in date for Friday, February 20th, 2015. Our realtor surprised us by getting us the house keys a day early. Moving is an overwhelming experience for everyone; the realization of how much stuff one actually owns (as opposed to how much you think you own) is a nauseating experience. For several days I felt like I had the word “HOARDER” physically stamped on my forehead.

 Other than my self inflicted shame, Nate and I have been very blessed with all of our helpful friends and family. The people that didn’t physically help managed to save boxes for us, some agreed to absorb a few of my items, and others babysat my houseplants. Although we were very excited to move in as soon as possible, we managed to move during the coldest week of the winter as of yet. Quickly my thought-out plan of moving boxes to their coordinating rooms turned into, “Just get everything into the house!” That said, it was a little tricky planning out how to move the freezable items like paint and canned goods (which I should mention at this point there was quite a bit of). Nate and I collectively have quite a few hobbies and skills that neither one of us are willing to forsake.
Although we were moving into a bigger house, surprisingly (or not) all of our furniture has filled it adequately [HOARDER]. From here on it will be a matter of making adjustments in the furniture and décor to fit the renovations as we get them done.
This house was previously owned by an older couple; that being, the exterior has not been updated for some time. I have affectionately nicknamed it “Babe the Blue Ox”. My brain cannot accept the blue and white color combo together without picturing a fictional character.

 Speaking of fictional characters, please say “Hello” to Dale the Beaver. He lives on a white van that is constantly parked in the front view of my house. This is the first neighbor I have met.


  “Hello, Dale.”


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