Taking the “Frat House” out of the Guest Bedroom

“The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” –Proverbs 14:1

 This is the guest bedroom. I loved this room right away. It has south facing windows which will allow in plenty of light and warmth for my plants. It’s almost spring, so Nate and I will be focusing most of our attention on exterior projects until the weather is no longer compatible.
Eventually we will paint walls, uncover & refinish the wood floors, and put in new trim and a light fixture. But for right now, this is what the room looks like with my things in it. You may have read in a previous post that we can’t find the bolts to the bedframe. Well, my wonderful husband bought some new ones (which means I am soon to find the old ones).

Yikes, right? So until we makeover this room to a more permanent state, something needed to be done (if you saw any knickers laying around, please ignore). The problem areas of this small room are the two doorways (one leads to a powder room), two windows, and a full size closet that absorb most of the wall space. There is really only one wall to put the bed to avoid obstructing the walkway. And there is a vintage chaise lounge opposite the bed that doesn’t fit in this house; I need to sell it. Also, this is the room where I keep my clothes and get dressed in the morning (if I forget to close the blinds, the neighbors can see me perfectly as they get into their cars at 5:30am). I need to have a place for my jewelry and all of my clothes while avoiding needing a dresser (there just isn’t room until I chuck the chaise).

You should be informed that my husband and I like old things. Not necessarily antiques in the “collectors” sense. But we like the quality of old things, and appreciate timeless design. We tend to lean toward more of a 50s-60s rustic feel which you will see as we get more into the interior of the house.

An interesting thing I’ve never considered is how different our possessions look in a new space. Nate and I have moved a few times, but this is only the second house we have ever owned. Our house in Slater was a lot smaller with wood floors, pine trim, raised ceilings, and less light. Because of the how dark the house was, I tended to decorate with light and bright colors. This new house is very bright and a lot more open, so I was surprised that some of our light and bright items looked a little out of place. So, I went to the basement to resurrect some things I had stored.

I always loved a couple of blankets given to us by Nate’s Aunt Barb. In Slater, we put one on the end of our bed in the loft. And the other I threw over a chair, so you could see a little bit of a pattern. They both have a kind of Native American/Aztec look about them and are pretty saturated. I was curious to see how they would look in this room, but I would have to decorate everything else around them.

I took out the leftover nails from the walls, then focused on the bed. The fact that all of our decorating is eclectic is just a given. I grab from here and there and see what works. After I got the blankets just right, I hung up a mirror with a black frame (I painted this years ago, originally from Goodwill) that helped the black in the blanket to pop out next to the sienna and brown. I hung it horizontally to imitate the headboard.

Then I put in the side table (a set of 3 given to me by my MIL’s old neighbor), as a nightstand that would fit between the bed and the window. I placed a wooden book holder on the floor under it that was previously my grandmother’s. I then went through the two boxes of books sitting in the center of the room (Nate had told me to organize two weeks ago). I recycled some of my old bible study books, decided to let go of some of the old cookbooks, and kept some of the old study books I cherish that were my dad’s and ESV bibles that I might be able to gift to someone in the future, Lord willing.


I moved the black wire shelf to the corner at the end of the bed; this will be used to hold my boxes of jewelry, baskets of socks, and of course create the perfect home for my cactus (sticking to the southwest theme) by the window. I placed another plant on the side table with a beloved copper horse bookend from my mom.

I put my dirty clothes basket and two small totes of clothes under the bed, cleared off the chaise lounge, and placed the other blanket as a throw on the end. I had a painting with the exact same colors as the blanket in the basement. I wiped off the dust and hung it centered over the chaise.

 This is a painting I made in high school, I even stretched the canvas and framed it (not well). This is a study of a Mexican artist who had a fabulous use of color and contrast; mine lacks a little luster. But I love the story of it. There is a cabin on fire and the pine tree next to it. The smoke is rising from the cabin and darkening the whole sky around the moon (which I was told by a boy it looks like an egg). A woman is running down to the river with a small pale to get water to save her cabin. You can see her shadow created by the luminous moon. She was supposed to be back lit by the moon, but I was having a bad day when I got to that part and set her on fire instead. I think I was mad at a boyfriend or something. What can I say- teenage hormones.
My brother, Chad, gave me some curtains he wasn’t using. I found 2 curtain rods in the basement and they look great. What’s better than FREE?

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