Nate Builds a Work Bench

“By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established . . .” –Proverbs 24:3

While I was outside figuring out what to do with the garage door, Nate was on the other side of the door building a workbench. This was the workshop part of the basement before we moved in. The red stairs lead up to the kitchen, and the reddish door leads into the garage. But the door to the driveway is solid wood, and that excites me. It will need some TLC, but no big deal.


This is the basement amidst of all of our stuff, doing Nate’s workbench an injustice. I might have caught Nate dancing to 80s music when I took this photo; just saying.

At one point, I was really hoping to get the floor painted before moving all of our stuff in. That was just not an option. The small garage is through the wall to the left of Nate. We have no shelving for our tools or storage for any of the garage items. This is why Nate’s workbench is a blessed relief- it at least represents a start of what I hope to soon be a lovely organized work space with a clean floor.

He found a really nice off-white peg board in a dumpster at some job he had in Kansas City awhile ago. Are we dumpster divers? Occasionally, if something catches our eye. Nate has yet to hang up our tools, but I’m very excited to have the tools organized and accessible instead of on the floor, where they reside currently. He used lumber we had lying around from an old project that never came to fruition: 4x4s for the legs, 2x6s for the frame, and he ripped down the 4′ x 8′ plywood with a circular saw. Nate drilled a 2×4 into the cinder block wall and mounted the peg board to that. Beautiful. Good job, honey. Any peg board he doesn’t use will be going in my sewing room. 🙂

He informed me that he has in mind a deep sturdy shelf to place to the left of the bench to hold some of our power tools.

One more step forward.


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