What’s Chad Sutter Been Up To?


” . . . bring your youngest brother to me. So your words will be verified, and you shall not die.” And they did so.” – Genesis 42:20

This is a photo of the house where I grew up. Although it looked a lot different back then. My dad had doubled the size, added the porch, and changed the landscaping a bit.

This is now Chad’s house, my baby brother. Chad is the youngest, the only boy, with three older sisters. He is a singer, business owner, farmer, and many other things. He makes my projects look like I’m playing with Legos. He has real equipment: skid loaders, tractors, diesel trucks, trailers, and friends with even bigger equipment.

He has renovated his kitchen, rebuilt part of the basement (by digging under the house, yo!), completely gutted and rebuilt his guest bedroom, rebuilt engines, restored tractors, and way more! Every once in awhile Chad will text photos like this, with the caption, “Look what I just did!” and sometimes none at all (for the shock and awe factor).

close up of side torn up

living room window

  roof torn up

side torn up

Porch roof- GONE. Holy buckets!!! If he knows how to put this back together, he is way smarter than me (which is probably a given). To describe what is happening here . . . Chad still has dirt piles around from digging out the basement he is finishing off. Part of that involves tearing off the front porch (that wasn’t built well in the first place) and rebuilding it to prevent water from draining into the basement and will also add some nice curb appeal.

It looks like he and his friend took down this tree together. The last time we did this, we accidentally dropped a tree on the front porch (whoops, Chad and I were talking while Brian was cutting away). Good thing it was something he was planning on taking out!

Brian on roof

tree almost down

  tree coming down

tree from Dave's sidetree starting to come down

tree down

tree being cut up

Whoa- no more bushes, no more tree, no more porch roof. But there’s firewood . . . . and fresh lumber.

wood pile to rebuild

I’m looking forward to what happens next!


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