Chad Renovates a Room for a Tenant

“In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” – John14:2

When I was young, this was my parents’ room. Dad doubled the size of the house, moving their room to the addition, and my sister and I shared this room for years. My first memories of this room are dark wood paneling, green shag carpet (with accompanying musty smell), and an old circular plastic hanging light fixture that always had dead bugs in it. When Chad was a baby, my folks had his crib next to their bed, amongst two night stands, a big dresser, a giant shelf, and a shallow closet that lined the entire north wall. It was cramped.

When my sister and I moved in we painted the walls, moved around furniture, replaced the carpet, and kept the light. It was still cramped. When we first leased this room to a tenant, I tried my best fixing it up on tiny budget, and this was the best I could do (at the time, I was actually impressed with myself- I was 21). I painted everything, put up some wood trim, sewed curtains out of bed sheets, grabbed miscellaneous furniture we had in the basement, and put up a new shelf in the closet (not to mention a framed Gone with the Wind poster). It was the best I had ever seen this room look.


Well, after 10 years of it looking similar to this, Chad had noticed there were soft spots in the subfloor from the moisture underneath it. When he had dug out and framed in a basement underneath this room, it seemed like the perfect time to take care of this. He gutted the entire room and replaced everything from the electric and insulation to the floors & ceiling.

This is a photo of the closet being framed out. The old closet was torn out (along with the original hot water heater) and new sheetrock has been put up with new wiring. The placement of the closet between the wall and the window was perfect for giving the room the best space for functionality.

bedroom- framed closet

This shows the room after the sheetrock had been mudded, the can lights had been installed, and the laminate flooring had been laid to match the hallway. Chad was able to reuse the shelf in the previous closet and cut it down to fit. We had already installed the new window a couple of years ago. My FIL helped us frame the exterior side of this window and finished it off with cedar trim.

bedroom- finished no closet

Our friends Ryan and Kelsey generously offered Chad a folding door for the closet they had leftover from one of their home projects. Chad wanted this to have some color compared to the rest of the white room, so he painted it a rusty reddish brown color.

bedroom- painting door

This is the finished door- the color works nicely.

bedroom- finished closet door

 This shows the wood trim around the door and baseboards (which matches the new trim he installed in the rest of the house) and how seamlessly the floor now flows into the hallway.

bedroom- matching the hallway floor

And this is the finished room (minus the green painters tape). You get a nice shot of the recessed lighting and the trim around the window. Great job, Brother!

bedroom- finished with tape


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