Replace a Sliding Glass Door with a Standard Exterior Door

Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. -Proverbs 8:34

 At the Slater house, the front door was not very functional. Being a sliding glass door, it could be locked from the inside and not unlocked from the outside. It was important to Nate to create a formal entry that could be used as our entrance when coming home and which also connotes a lovely “welcome” for guests.

This is a BEFORE pic of the front door. Taken after I expanded the garden beds a bit, but pretty close to how it looked when we bought it.

sliding glass door

The front steps were just a two stair detachable piece. It was sinking into the dirt and not level with the house. My brother, Chad, came over with his skid loader and graded the entire driveway to correct drainage issues. He dug out quite a bit, so afterwards those front steps didn’t even reach the door.

This is a pic of the replacement door. I love the pattern in this glass. Nate replaced the back door with the same one. My FIL, Ed, came over and helped Nate frame in the excess on the sides. They covered it with plywood and had to rebuild the walls in the interior. This house had quite a bit of “after thought” projects. This front portion was an addition, so most walls are not level nor at the same depth. So it took a little bit of work by the guys to get it right.

 front door- Stage 2

We used these cinder blocks and planks as our steps for quite awhile. Nate and I still need to learn how to build stairs. We are both intimidated by the math of it (which is actually really cool). Not to mention we need to continually familiarize ourselves with building code. So Ed built new stairs for us off site, and then brought them. Nate used exterior wood paneling to fill in the gaps of the siding then framed it in with cedar for this flank shutter look. I painted the flanks white to match the rest of the trim on the house and the door green (after my gray color looked really blah, I mixed this one up). This is Nate screwing down the planks.

Nate working on front door

Pretty, right?

finished-same view as sliding


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