Nate Installs a Pedestal Sink & Candice Removes Medicine Cabinets

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity And cleanse me from my sin.– Psalm 51:2

The bathroom updates will probably happen a little bit here and there as time/money allows. I had an evening where I just couldn’t take the outdated medicine cabinets anymore. They had to go. A drill and the removal of a few screws took care of this. This is the powder room before . . .



After using my drill I set down the medicine cabinet on the toilet . . .


And then I ran into this problem . . .


Oh, a big hole where there was an ugly medicine cabinet before this new ugly medicine cabinet. I was going to put a medium sized round mirror here, but then I had to upgrade to my large sized round mirror. And it didn’t cover it. The hanging hooks in the back of the mirror (in order to actually cover the hole) had to be placed right where this 4 inch deep hole is. Stink! So I thought, “What would Nate do?” I ran downstairs to grab some zip ties which I attached to the hooks to make them longer. And now it covers just right. 🙂


I also took down that horrible towel bar to the left of the mirror.


There is already a giant towel bar under the window. I stole a hand towel ring from the other bathroom (where there are still 2 towel bars and a hook on the back of the door) for now. Eventually we will upgrade all of the fixtures. I hung the small gold mirror in a better place (you had to squat to look into it before, the previous owner must have been a small person) above the towel ring. And that’s it for now! This room already feel so much bigger . . .

I’m just not quite ready to tackle that wallpaper, though.

finished powder room 2

Now, for the other bathroom. This is before . . .



With the same drill, I removed screws from the inside. Then I ran into a problem . . . there was a giant bead of caulk on the right side to protect it from the shower. Whoops, I didn’t not notice that. So then the cabinet is literally hanging by a strip of caulk. Crap. I hollered for Nate to bring his knife. My hero . . .


He removed all of the caulk while I held the cabinet. Then we decided we definitely could not live with this light fixture now. It didn’t even work. So Nate removed that . . .


We didn’t get as far as shutting down the breaker so he left the box there (to be removed later on). The wiring is still hot. I was going to use a larger mirror (that I used in the other bathroom to cover the hole). But this small one will do for now. All of these round mirrors were my grandma’s and I love them, even the ones with worn edges.


As you can see this bathroom is still very crowded. While I was gone the other night, Nate purchased and installed a new pedestal sink and faucet. We are going with black fixtures in this new house. Before . . .


Sink removed . . .


Pedestal sink set in . . .


Faucet installed . . .


And looking good! There is actually room to stand in here now. More to come on these rooms . . .




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