Chad Builds the Porch Roof

So he built the house and finished it, and he made the ceiling of the house of beams and planks of cedar. -1 Kings 6:9

This verse above is referencing the story of King Solomon building God’s temple. This took place 480 years after the Israelites’ exodus of Egypt. Before this they worshipped God in a tent, and He met them there. But God blessed Solomon with tremendous wealth; and with that wealth challenged him to build a magnificent temple with exact specifications. It possessed incomparable beauty with any other structure they had ever seen; and it was built in complete silence. All of the pieces were built off site in the fields and brought in, sort of “pre-fab” style. It was a quiet house for the “God of Peace”, every aspect built with respect, honor, and intent. That’s a really cool story; you should read it.

It makes all of our “amazing” projects fade in comparison, doesn’t it? But everything in this world was designed to reflect God’s glory- nature, our skills, our projects, and us. Everything is designed to roll back up to Him, so we can say, “Wow. He’s truly amazing.”

 These are pics of the completed framing.



I love how green everything is compared to some of the last photos. Not a bad view for work, eh? Although the decline at your back might take some getting used to. They are now starting to lay out the plywood.


More plywood . . .


Almost finished . . .


  East side ready!


Front view- you can already tell this is going to look great!


Wrapped porch ready for shingles!


This week Chad will be choosing his shingles in correlation to the new siding and trim colors. If the accomplishments of your friends can make you drop your jaw, then the power of the One who created us could literally stop your heart (and start it again). Everything brings glory to God.


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