Candice Finishes the Dentist Office Waiting Room Mural

“Like a bad tooth and an unsteady foot Is confidence in a faithless man in time of trouble.” – Proverbs 25:19

Like so many people, I love Proverbs. Most of the verses create a very vivid image to hang onto; so even if you can’t remember the exact words, you know the concept. A faithless man is like a bad tooth or an unsteady foot. Consider chewing a steak with a bad tooth or carrying a heavy suitcase upstairs on a bad foot. I would put money on how quickly you stopped eating and set down your luggage. Not only will those body parts let you down when you need them, but they will also cause you pain when you call on them. As is “a faithless man in time of trouble.” Faithful people know that God is the only One they can count on in trouble. And that knowledge commands us to follow His laws instead of our own self-preserving instincts, cling to His promises instead of our fears, and depend on the Holy Spirit to give us peace when there is none in us. What does a faithless man do? He goes to the dentist. 😉

It’s finally finished!


After going in once a month since December, I have completed the waiting room mural.


Special thanks to April McCloud and Anna Heisterkamp for their painting skills, ideas, and willingness to help.


This sign I painted years ago but they have added a new dentist since, so I adjusted the sign.


April helped me with the color palette significantly. She mixed up that beautiful salmon color which helped build my affection for this mural. I had a rough start with loving this project due to a few obstacles I mentioned in the previous post.


The finishing details are the best part.  Adding in foliage and critters brings life to the painting and the greenery brings cohesiveness throughout. Things to consider, even in a children’s mural.


These balloons were Anna’s first project.The little tooth is the office’s logo.


I love the hanging baskets and my little touch of Jesus by adding crosses in the windows (Anna’s idea).


I probably should have added pink flowers to this greenery. It looks a little like Slimer’s family is attacking the tower.


I like to imagine that if I lived in the city I would create a garden on a building roof.


This little guy is the center of it all. Every city needs Life Flight.


The flying birds draw the eye from one wall to the next. This sun is repeated in other parts throughout the office.


Cherry trees light up the drive-in.


If I were hanging out in this park, I would be sitting here with my book, hummus, and gluten free crackers.


So the tv is the “theater screen”. This is where the city residents go to be educated on oral care.


Anna’s second set of balloons. They are so cute!


Dental Drive-In is finished, it’s day time so no hank-panky!

The reason I was hired to paint this mural in the first place is due to the office expansion. They added rooms and moved walls, so previous paintings were completely destroyed and some were just damaged. Like this one . . .

no dog

Apparently there is no gravity in Smile City. This little girl needs a companion and these bushes need some grounding.

dog 2

Much better!


Do you see his drool? Ha! It needs to be authentic. . .


Smile City . . . DONE!



  1. Funny…I saw this a few months ago and thought it was beautiful enough then to be finished! There were lots of compliments from the staff that morning after they realized you had come in over the weekend and painted. Who knew you still had so many details to finish! You and your assistants are very talented! Well done!

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