Retaining Wall Build Continues & Ends

“Then she let them down by a rope through the window, for her house was on the city wall, so that she was living on the wall.” – Joshua 2:15

One of the most popular verses regarding the story of Rahab- this is the real Pretty Woman story. We go crazy for stories of love covering faults and forgiving all. Throw in a little “rags to riches” and you have an excellent movie. Named after an Egyptian god in an idolatrous city and living as a prostitute/inn keeper in the wall of Jericho, Rahab is an important part of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Apart from being a prostitute, Rahab is known for her active faith.

From her entertainment of travelers coming in and out of her house, she had heard the fame of God and what He was doing on the other side of the wall through His people. When the spies came and explained God’s plans for destroying the city, she believed. She knew that God is who He says He is and committed herself to Him; and right there her sins were justified (or made clean in the sight of God). And by her faith, she acted in helping the spies escape down the wall and ultimately saving her family.

In James Ch. 2, Jesus’ brother writes, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone. And in the same way was not also Rahab the prostitute justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out by another way? For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.” His point being that our faith is proved genuine by what we do. If you really believe, you act.

Rahab proved her commitment to God by helping His people and forsaking her own. After her conversion and escape of the doomed city, she married Salmon, a prince of the house of Judah (some speculate he was one of the unnamed spies). Prostitute to princess- a great story! Rahab had experienced plenty of lovers in her life, but the love that redeemed her was from God, not the prince. And no matter how many “lovers” you have had in your life, the Lover of your soul has made the same invitation to you, “Know me, believe me, repent of your other lovers, and act on your faith by loving me with all you got!” Rahab the prostitute accepted God’s invitation, thus officially joining the Israelites, marrying a prince, and becoming a key player in the line of Christ- the King of Kings.


I may not be helping anyone escape from utter destruction, but there are plenty of spies in my neighborhood. People have been coming out to watch, walking by, and stopping to comment on the progress we are making. They sound truly appreciative of the beauty it will bring to the street since we are the first house on the corner- here’s hoping.

After using up all of the block Nate busted up from the front walk, I am all out. No more block. I needed just a bit more, so I went back through and moved blocks around to make it stretch.

But we can’t wait for all of the flowers to fill in! I transplanted more hostas, more crocuses and tulips, and plan to get my glads buried this week. I’ll need to work around the rain, please, Lord, let it rain!

But something wonderful happened last night, also. When I pulled into the driveway after work, my wonderful husband was installing solar powered lights into the tiered beds. He is truly gifted when it comes to design, especially with lighting, although this kind you just push into the ground. But these are the details I would never think of. I’m very excited about his installation last night.


I worked for four hours until the lights started coming on . . . it was beautiful. You can see the rise of the wall in the background now. That’s as high as I can get for now until I find more block. Broken chunks of concrete are not exactly the kind of thing you find at the hardware stores.


Then we had to see what it looked like from the living room window . . . and that was beautiful too. It was really dark, so the pic is a little fuzzy. But feel free to drop by and see for yourself!



Everything is pretty wet. I left places along the wall uncovered for flower planting (see FLOWER.ORDER.CHAPTER.3).


On the grand scale, this is what it looks like from the road. I need to mulch and move more flowers in. I am waiting for the rest of my flower order to arrive.


I transplanted more hostas from the side and back of the house to fill in the larger tiers next to the house. I also played around with a herringbone pattern using pavers to lead you up the imaginary stairs.


Close up of the large tiers . . .


Close up of the other plants growing up . .  .


On the top tier, I started digging the trench for the gutter line. When Nate picks up the supplies, I will bury it and run it toward the grass on the opposite side. There is too much water flow for it to feed into the tiered beds, it would wash everything away.


The soil was getting too heavy from the rain- I had to call it quits for the day.


After the rain had stopped mid-Saturday, I started the next flower bed along the tiered wall. I started by removing all of the sod. Then I grabbed some flowers from the back and started filling in. I will share the details in the FLOWER.ORDER.CHAPTER.3 post.


I left a couple of holes for the cherry trees I ordered. But when it was filled sufficiently with flowers, I mulched this new bed and the tiered beds.



Apart from the flower planting, this retaining wall is done. I now have to complete the smaller retaining wall on the other side of the driveway- no, I’m not kidding. Also, stay tuned for more posts about the completion of the patio at the top of the wall (aka pile of mud in above photo).

As a bonus feature, Nate purchased this motion censored water sprinkler to scare the deer away. You attach it to a hose and the censors can be adjusted by area and water pressure. You can imagine we had fun testing it out (Nate was the deer). 🙂



It’s been so gratifying being able to finally enjoy some of this work. God has been so generous with us . . . and He’s been generous with you too. Generosity extending beyond our possessions and to His invitation to know Him and join His people. Like Rahab, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done. Christ has justified our sins when He died on that cross and shed His perfect blood. And when we believe that (with an active, not dead faith) and choose to follow Him, God sees the perfection of His Son when He looks at us- no longer guilty. A superlative for generosity can be summed up in John 15:13. “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”



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