Nate Patches a Leak on the Wheelbarrow Tire

He caused their chariot wheels to swerve, and He made them drive with difficulty; so the Egyptians said, “Let us flee from Israel, for the LORD is fighting for them against the Egyptians.”- Exodus 14:25

This verse throws us right into one of the most action packed scenes of the Old Testament. The former Egyptian slaves, the Israelites, are crossing the Red Sea trying to escape the murderous Egyptians; not on a bridge, but on the sea floor. God had parted the waters and allowed them to walk across on dry land. DRY. Do not miss that point. He removed all of the water from their path so they could pass comfortably and just out of the Egyptians’ reach.

I have to admit, if I had been there I would have been panicking. Even though it would have been unimaginable to see God perform this great miracle (Mind exploding! Dendrites shriveling!) which would have made me question every thing I thought I knew about the world; there was still an army of frightening men chasing me down with chariots, horses, and sharp weapons. Not to mention I would have been trying to get kids, aging parents and grandparents, and goats to move quickly. Not many action movies have characters dodging arrows with a herd of animals at their feet and babies strapped to their backs. Why? Because it’s impossible! So panicking? Yes!

The Egyptians, who had killed the Israelites’ firstborn babies and worked them cruelly as slaves, were so intent on their target they didn’t even hesitate to chase after them into the magical walls of water around them. After several hours of their pursuit showing unsuccessful due to their wheels swerving in ruts and probably their axils breaking, it dawned on them that God actually is on the Israelites’ side and the Egyptians didn’t have a fighting chance of catching them! Although that is exactly what Moses and the plagues displayed to them earlier, they were just now accepting it as truth. And just when they did, the Israelites made it safely across and God closed the walls of water on them. Boom!

Why is this ok that God just wiped out an entire army of humans? Because they were not on God’s side. God told the Egyptians who He was through Moses, their former royalty. He demonstrated who He was through incredible and scary signs and wonders. And sent them the message, “Hey, these are my people, back off!” And the Egyptians remained on the wrong side. Look at the action words in the verse- God caused, He made, and is fighting. He fights for the people on His side. And if you are not on God’s side, you are against Him. And in the end of it all, God’s side wins and the other side loses everything forever.

In Romans 1, Paul writes that there is no valid excuse for humans to ignore the existence of God because it’s made plain to us by everything around us in the presence of the world. With all of the amazing and horrific miracles the Egyptians had witnessed, it was the busted wheels that caused them to understand the power of God. Of all the miracles God has done in the history of the world, what will it take in your life for you to acknowledge and choose His side?


Walking outside Saturday morning with my coffee, I am excited about the amazing weather! I dove right in with digging away more dirt from the small retaining wall and discovered my wheelbarrow had a flat tire on the left side. Stink! I wrongly assumed it was a fluke and started dragging out the air compressor. I ran upstairs and asked Nate to educate me on the correct attachments (and where they are located, since he’s been organizing all of the tools).


So before my husband was able to have his first cup of coffee, he came downstairs to help me. First he flipped it on it’s side and took the pin out that was holding the wheel on the axle.


He inspected the tire for a visible leak and couldn’t see anything.


The tire needed to come off for further inspection.


Then he tried to fill the tire to see if it would hold air- it wouldn’t. More stink!


He then used the opposite end of the tire gauge to let the air out of the inner tube until it was able to be pulled out from under the tire.



He then checked for audible leaks; he heard it but couldn’t see it.


Nate then assigned me to find the leak using the soapy water method. I have seen my dad do this a hundred times. Fill a sink (or a bucket f you want to keep the mess outside) full of soapy water. I used dish detergent to get the best suds.


Make sure the inner tube is full of air before you start this. Then rub the suds all over the tube. Squeeze the tube gently as you turn it around in the soapy water. The leak should make a squeaky sound as air escapes through the soapy water. From hearing it I was able to get closer to my target. Then as I turned it slowly, while still squeezing, I was able to see large bubbles building up on the hole.


See the two large bubbles? I got it!


Keeping my finger on the mark, we dried it off and marked the tiny hole with a sharpie. The tube will need to be completely dry for the adhesive to bond.

Nate grabbed a bicycle tire patch (cool, right?) with instructions. First he needed to rough up the area where the patch will be applied.


Then he opened the rubber cement.


And applied it in the shape of the round patch.


Nate took off the adhesive side of the patch and left the cellophane on the top side. Doing this keeps the rubber cement from getting on everything else.


And applied it to the leak.


And held it for a couple of minutes.


When ready, he emptied the tube of air using a flathead screwdriver on the valve to easily insert the deflated tube back into the tire.


Nate then needed to get the rim back inside the tire.



He used large screwdrivers to carefully tuck the rubber tire around the rim.


Then he had enough room to insert the inner tube.


And poke the valve stem through the rim hole.


Nate then tucked the edges of the tire inside of the rim.


The tire is now ready to be filled with air and placed back on the wheelbarrow.


With the pin placed back to hold the rim onto the axle, this wheelbarrow is ready for work again.


Completed in under an hour! Not bad for a guy running on caffeine withdrawal. Nate used to be an EMT, he’s good in emergencies. 😉 Back to digging!

P.S. Did I mention I busted another shovel?

busted shovel


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