Make a 4 Ingredient Deer Repellent Spray from Your Kitchen

 “He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.”– Psalm 18:33

David had many enemies and had escaped death several times; sometimes by the people he loved the most. This poetic Psalm was written by David in his reflections on God’s deliverance throughout his life. He writes on and on about the Lord, as if he were trying to answer God’s question, “Why do you love Me?”

Has anyone ever asked you that? “Why do you love me?” The heart stops beating and every guy thinks, “It’s a trap!” Ha! Nate and I were married pretty young, 20 & 23. We appreciated nontraditional weddings at the time (I wore flip flops), so we agreed that instead of saying the normal vows to each other (that so many people break), we would simply state why we love the other person. And instead of it being a rehearsed speech, our love was so strong we thought it would be more moving to speak impromptu of the heart. Right now, all of the married ladies are thinking, “Bad idea!” So what happened when the pastor turned and said, “Nate, tell us why you want to marry Candice, today?” He froze and blustered out, “Uh, I don’t know!” Haha! Oh, kids . . .

But seriously, how do you answer that question? Do you reflect on the physical attraction, or common interests, or how the individual makes you feel? What’s the right answer? And what happens if that feeling wears off or if those attributes you love change?

Here David is listing things God had done for him and events God had been there for. In making his “feet like the feet of a deer” he was able to quickly, quietly, and boldly triumph over his enemies. In setting him “secure on heights,” David was out of reach from the hands of his adversaries and under the wing of God.

But if you read this Psalm, you see that David isn’t writing this to God, he’s writing to himself about God! If you have ever experienced secular counseling or neurotherapy, you may have heard that we all have “self-talk”. It’s what you say to yourself when you are alone. These self-statements are based on your core beliefs; things that nobody else but God hears. Sometimes I think if everyone could hear my self-talk, nobody would love me; especially not my husband and maybe even God.

So what is your self-talk about God? Is His love conditional to you, or did He not deliver on an “agreement” you had, or you believe He loves you but is pretty hands-off in your life? Or maybe you don’t consider God at all? Maybe He’s just that silent guest in your house that is waiting to be introduced, but the whole day goes by and you haven’t even acknowledged His presence.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” –Proverbs 3:6.

Married people can relate to this scenario. If you consistently tell yourself the negative things your spouse has done, or if you just do what you do and don’t even bother including them in your plans, bad things start happening to the marriage. It’s called the marital drift. Two people start to develop different interests, and the new negative things become icing atop of the bitterness cake and you start to question the value they once brought to your life. Or maybe everything is about you and you forget or don’t care to acknowledge their desires at all. There are people you know struggling with this right now, and maybe even you. When this happens, you have to retrain your brain to see the good things you once saw, to make note of the ways they bring value to your life, and start serving them and considering their desires above your own.

Our relationship with God is just like marriage, except the other spouse is perfect and Lord of all things. If you aren’t placing the value on God He deserves, perhaps some reflection like David would be wise. Remind yourself why you love Him. Change your self-talk by changing your beliefs from the core. To correct the marital drift, you have to start considering His desires for your life and start acknowledging Him above your own.

And it might be true that if people could hear my self talk they would stop loving me. Sometimes I am completely wicked inside, just like David could be. But God hears those thoughts and He loves me. He knows every bad thing I will do in the future . . . and He loves me.

God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” –Romans 5:8

So if God asked you today, what is the answer to the big question? “Why do you love Me?” Is it because of His omnipresence, because He hears your prayers, has forgiven your sins, healed your wounds, and delivered you from your enemies? Those answers come in the thousands and may be different for all of us. But for all of us, the true answer is always the same.

We love because he first loved us.”- 1 John 4:19

Now, go save your marriage.


This recipe is ubiquitous on DIY gardening sites. I wanted something simple, that I could make at home, and that worked! People all over the country swear by this recipe and I’m going to give it a try. We have several deer that come into our yard from a nearby creek and tree line. Apparently deer LOVE pear trees, and my neighbors have two of them. A different neighbor said she has been unable to grow her apple tree due to the deer nibbling it down. After the arrival of my cherry trees, I am determined to protect them.


The beauty of this recipe is it’s easily memorized.





(Some people use garlic powder and claimed it still worked.)

I cracked my eggs into my blender and added the hot sauce.


Added the garlic.


It won’t look like very much at first.


Add enough water to blend.


Transfer to a different container (that you could recycle after). I used a lemon juice container and it fit perfectly.


And put it outside to “ripen” for 3 days.


After 3 days this mixture can be blended with a gallon of water. Here I only mixed 1/4 of the solution to fit into my sprayer. This sprayer holds one quart (32 oz) and one gallon has 4 quarts.

Dump one quarter into spray bottle

Filled the water on top. I admit I wanted it to be a little more potent for my first time, so I only mixed up 25 oz and not 32, but that probably wasn’t necessary. Then I sprayed the cherry trees from top to bottom and the surrounding ground and plants. Beware, the solution is potent; but you won’t smell it much after it dries. After I sprayed my vegetable garden too, I called it a night.

Most people said they applied this once a month or biweekly. With all of the rain we are having, I may do this more frequently to start out. But super easy, and I didn’t have to buy any new ingredients. And it’s safe for my edibles.  Just remember 3+3+3= mix and add water.

After two days, my plants were still alive and uneaten. Tell me what you think of this recipe or share your own and if it worked!

  Start spraying



    1. I was just going to ask that! My zinnias are being devoured. Becky Hoyt used a cayenne pepper solution of some kind and it burned her plants. xoxxo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike;
      to restrain her is to restrain the wind or to grasp[c] oil in one’s right hand.
      Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

      [I’m not sure I agree with the humor here . . . ;)]


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